Online registration for the 2017 Desert Golf Classic is now closed.

Important Change in Format

Planning has begun for the 35th Annual Desert Golf Classic, and Sacred Heart’s event team is focusing on making the outing enjoyable for all of our golfing guests. We have been taking all of your feedback—positive and negative—into consideration. 

As such, please be aware of this change to the team format for the 2017 Desert Golf Classic.

Rather than the usual five players on a team, we are now transitioning to the more standard format of the traditional foursome. A priest may still serve as team captain—but we ask that he now golfs with three team members. The eighteen-hole scramble remains the format.

Why have we made this change? Golfers have told us repeatedly, in our surveys and through word of mouth, that the four-person team will speed up the pace of play and make the outing more fun for all.

Change takes time, though, so . . . if you are accustomed fielding a five person team, please know that you are still welcome to do so for the 2017 Desert Golf Classic. As this new format is phased in, teams with five players will take turns and only four players will hit drives and subsequent shots and putts.

Thank you so much for your loyal support of the Desert Golf Classic and the spiritual formation of the seminarians of Sacred Heart—your future priests.